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A Guide for Beginners to buy cryptocurrency from Binance, WazirX for offering Covid-19 donations.

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Major Donations Are Coming From Crypto Industry to Fight Covid 19. This article illustration to help newcomer on how to buy cryptocurrency to offer a donation in blockchain fund.

Step 1: Signing Up and Account Creation via our weblink:

Account registration is a very simple task. You have to enter your email address and a strong password with 8 to 20 characters containing a number and a special character. When you submit it and after passing authentication, you will receive an account confirmation email to the email address you entered. The link is present in the email itself.

  • create a new account by clicking on signup or create account

Step 2: Enable 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Next step after verification of your email address to choose the 2FA (two-factor authentication).

There are three types of authentication available:

1. SMS Authentication 2. Google Authentication 2FA- You have to download the Google Authenticator app, which is in the mobile devices App Store or on Google Play add the secret key or into your Google Authenticator app. 3. Funds Password

We recommend upgrading the security level to your account by adding authentication. We advise choosing Google authenticator as its highly secure and recommended by all exchange, although you may also choose SMS verification. You can also watch a YouTube video to understand how you can sign in with Google Authenticator app here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVIxzH4EWmA

Binance let you create an account without 2FA, to update 2FA (two-factor authentication)with Binance, click on the person icon on your left side of the account screen and go to security section to add Googletwo-factor authentication.The 2FA step guide is also available inside your Binance account.

That’s it, folks, You good to go! The basic set up of your account is done. Now you can deposit funds safely. Remember every time you log in to your Wazirx or Binance account, you have to login first with your password: followed by Google two-factor authentication code that reflects in your Google two-factor authentication app. The code is only valid for 1-minute, 6-digit changing code, which needs to be inserted every time you log in from now on. Insert the blue colour code. If the code is in red colour than the app will regenerate code in a few seconds and you will see them it in blue colour, insert one that is in blue colour.

Step 3: Update your KYC or ID verification

Now once your account has created you should update your KYC or ID verification. In order to ensure a stable and compliant fiat gateway, users buying cryptocurrency with credit & debit cards are required to complete Identity Verification.

Step 4: Buy and sell cryptocurrency or deposit Funds

Once you have completed your KYC or ID verification, you can buy Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT) or Ethereum (ETH) form your account.

Step 5: How to Buy

For Binance on the right top of your account dashboard, click “Buy” and follow the process. Remember to select the cryptocurrency from the drop-down menu you like to purchase.

For WazirX click on “Funds” on the right top of your account dashboard. In the next step, choose the first option, “Fiat deposit”. Once you click “fiat deposit” you will be taken to the first left screen, you have to choose the transaction method and send payment to UPI account or through bank transfer. Remember to note down your payment transaction-id and payment remark.

Once you have made payment and it’s successful, go back again to “fund” on the top-left of your screen. Repeat step 1, as above. Now click on “ADD TRANSFER” details. As you can see in the right screen, choose the payment method, then input deposit amount, followed by ‘Transaction ID’ and ‘Remark’. Then, just simply submit. Your fund will be reflected in your fiat deposit, under funds.

Now your last step is to click on exchange and bottom left place order

Step 6: Donating to the COVID-19 Blockchain fund

Simply go to COVID-19 Blockchain funds page and copy the wallet address of fund you like to support, if you're donating Bitcoin, copy the COVID-19 blockchain fund Bitcoin wallet address.

For Binance- go to ‘Spot wallet’ select withdraw, enter amount in bitcoin or USD, you wish to donate. Paste Blockchain fund Bitcoin wallet ‘ADDRESS’ and press withdraw. Your donation will be successfully transferred to Blockchain fund Bitcoin wallet address in a few minutes and you will get confirmation from Binance.

For Wazirx- go to the ‘Fund’. Select the ‘Withdraw’ and enter the amount in bitcoin, you wish to donate. Paste Blockchain fund Bitcoin wallet address in ‘DESTINATION ADDRESS’ and press withdraw. Your donation will be successfully transferred to Blockchain fund Bitcoin wallet address in a few minutes and you will get confirmation from WazirX.

Click here to go to the Binance Exchange or Click here to go to the WazirX exchange, the link will open in a new window, so you can still follow this guide.

JAXX LIBERTY: Lastly, as an alternative option; you can also download the Jaxx liberty wallet on your IOS or Andriod device. Activate your wallet, save your private keys and recovery words. Then, simply go to ‘Markets’ on the app home page and click on ‘Bitcoin’ and ‘Buy’. The Jaxx Liberty wallet has partnered with ‘Simplex’ for the user to buy cryptocurrency through a credit card. In some countries, the user can buy from both credit card and debit card. Once you have funded in your Jaxx Bitcoin wallet, follow step number 6 to donate in the COVID-19 Blockchain fund.

Thank you for donating to the Covid-19 Blockchain Fund.

COVID-19 Blockchain Fund

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