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WHO (World Health Organisation) declared Coronavirus a ‘Pandemic' and a 'Public Health Emergency of International Concern' on 30th January 2020. Today, the entire world is struggling with this deadly disease and life has come to a halt, due to lockdown measures taken by governments across the world. In April 2020, Blockchain enthusiasts and supporters set up this Cryptocurrency Relief Fund, to offer support for the most affected nations. The fund has a dual mission. Firstly, to set a real-world example of using Cryptocurrency for tackling a global real-world problem and secondly, encouraging mass adaption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The COVID19 Blockchain Relief fund currently assists citizens of the USA, South Korea, European Union, NHS (UK) and India. Join the movement and donate in cryptocurrency. We accept donations in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether and Bitcoin Cash.

Overall, the COVID 19 Blockchain Fund aims to support the widely accepted economic damage, occurring through and after the COVID-19 crisis. It is estimated by various experts, to last between six months to multiple years. With millions of people unemployed and in need of urgent support, we hope the Blockchain and general community, will come together globally. Hoping to support every nation on the planet in the coming years, with predicted unemployment larger than the ‘Great Depression’ of 1929; your support is critical in reaching diversified stakeholders. From national funds to local relief funds and diverse support groups; we hope to create a trusted platform to serve everyone.

To make this a reality, in the coming six months we plan to make a concentrated effort in reaching out to major entities within the cryptocurrency community; specially the established companies. Secondly, we hope to conduct many fundraisers around physical items and digital performances. Thirdly, we would hope to collaborate on last-mile financial empowerment of actors on ground.

The ‘Covid-19 Blockchain Fund’, encourages the crypto community to actively participate in a time of global crisis, especially from bounty hunters. Kindly spread the word among the crypto community, ICO funded blockchain startups, Cryptocurrency exchanges and OTC providers; to come forward and participate as a ‘Corporate Donor’ in the novel cause.

Moving on, in the coming years if the use case arrises; there is a possibility of launching a token based on the assets generated by the fund and given to people for generating passive income, in testing times. We would hope to encourage using this token for purchasing goods and services locally, to support its financial value. Also, we are looking to launch entertainment based platforms, for engaging people and supporting the fund-raising process.

Finally, we are always open to new ideas and feedback from the community along with local ambassadors supporting the mission globally.

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COVID-19 Blockchain Fund

An initiative by Shankara Advisory, a company incorporated in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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