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How Blockchain Technology is Being Used in the Fight Against COVID-19.

Blockchain technology's known for its transparency and security and can be used not only to combat COVID-19 directly but the indirect economic effects as well. Across the globe now blockchain seen as a new tool of deployment to fight COVID 19.

How world is using Blockchain to combat coronavirus.

Acoer, a startup located in Atlanta, Georgia, is a software development firm specializing in open source and blockchain solutions. Recently, Acoer has pivoted its HashLog data visualization engine—originally designed for data analytics about clinical trials, dementia, and mortality data—to provide insight on the spread of COVID-19.

Fight Against Counterfeit Medicine

Blockchain technology can help with this by tracking the medicine from source to consumer giving the patient the confidence that the medicine or vaccine in their possession has not expired and is not counterfeit.

Blockchain can help develop COVID 19 vaccine

Researchers can tap the technology to collect a pool of data their observation in one decentralised platform so everyone can collaborate instead of a disconnected system with several authorities and organisations working independently to create a vaccine, blockchain technology can be a central point that brings together greater efficiencies and better sharing of critical information on the road to vaccine discovery.

Major Donations Are Coming From Crypto Industry to Fight COVID-19.

That the developed countries may rise quickly from COVID 19 pandemic economic impact but on the other hand developing countries and their citizens may suffer longer period and need more assistance and solidarity from the world. Blockchain-based cryptocurrency can bring the world together and provide global solidarity movement to lend help to whose are in need. The cryptocurrency enables worldwide payments from anyone to anyone, further, can be used for Direct benefit transfer. The Solidarity blockchain fund like COVID 19 blockchain fund is an initiative to form such solidarity blockchain fund by using cryptocurrency donation in bitcoin, ethereum can play a major role in real-time. As more blockchain and crypto-related companies join the fight, it is becoming evident that blockchain technology can be used beyond solving the challenges of the financial world. According to some, such moments like these will push the dialogue forward on the subject of using cryptocurrencies daily.

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COVID-19 Blockchain Fund

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